Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty Quantification

SMUP-UQ is a powerful tool for uncertainty quantification, which incorporates probability to your engineering tools and analysis. It helps to make them more reliable and such that accelerate the design process.

Moreover, it provides unique insight into the design process with efficiency unseen before. This new insight allows designing the product in a way that it is always top quality and reliable over its whole lifetime.

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What we do

Uncertainty quantification

We provide uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis with unforeseen efficiency and robustness. We can provide reliable results for problems, where other methods fail and with an efficiency much higher than any currently available tool on market.

This is possible due to our fundamentally different approach to the non-intrusive uncertainty propagation. Efficiency and robustness of our tool can bring your engineering simulation and analysis much closer to reality and help you to accelerate the design process.

Unique statistical insight

Our tool provides a unique insight into the statistical influence of each parameter. This new insight helps the designer to find out how statistical properties of each variable influences the final design and therefore, make the final product more reliable.

Moreover, our statistical analysis can help to design a product which is always in top-notch quality and resistant to production uncertainties.


Out software can be coupled with commonly used optimization methods such as differential evolution and became part of the Surrogate-Based Optimization. However, our tool provides a unique optimization approach.

This new optimization process provides ranges on the input design parameters and therefore, create a range of optimal solutions (however, it is not a Pareto solution). The range of optimal solutions have a smaller variance than the non-optimal design and therefore, the design is optimal even when the input parameters are not precise.

Mathematical modeling

Our company also provides consultancy in the stochastic modeling, uncertainty propagation, surrogate modeling, and optimization. We have deep experience in practical applications and we cooperated on various projects.

Therefore, if you are an engineering company, which would like to enhance their simulation tools with statistical analysis, do not hesitate to contact us.

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